sâmbătă, 17 iunie 2017

The Game Jolt platform for games.

Discover the largest community for indie games and the people who make and play them.
The Game Jolt (GJ) is a hosting service for freeware and commercial video games - most Indie games.
Started in 2002 the goal of Game Jolt has always been to grow indie gaming.
You need to sign in into gamejolt.com.
Then gain experience and level up to achieve trophies and get onto scoreboards!
If you are you a developer then you can add your free or commercial game to the site.

joi, 15 iunie 2017

The new Krita 4.0.0 pre-alpha.

The Krita team comes with unique ways for pre-alpha versions.
The new Krita 4.0.0 is under development , but you can test it.
You can test the krita-4.0.0-prealpha.1-x64 version from official website and read the full article of this pre-alpha version.
This is the only demo video found on the web with version 4.0.0 created by eugening .

sâmbătă, 10 iunie 2017

Principle - the design tool for iOS.

This application is a Macintosh-based UX prototyping tool designed to design animated and interactive user interfaces.
You can choose a device preset or enter a custom Art board size to design for your favorite platform and then with few moves make your interactions and animations design.
You can find many video tutorials on youtube.
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Let's see one example from Principle Repo youtube channel:

marți, 6 iunie 2017

Causality - another game for all operating systems.

Causality is a puzzle game about manipulating time, changing the sequence of events and altering the outcome of each level.
You need to help a group of stranded astronauts find a route to safety.
It is logical and not very hard. Can be found  here for Windows, Mac OS X SteamOS and Linux (Ubuntu 12.04+, SteamOS).
With a simple and beautiful graphics it can be played on smaller screen phones.
If you want the Android version then try this link.

duminică, 4 iunie 2017

3D LUT tool for color correction and to create artistic effects.

This tool named 3D LUT Creator let you to make color correction and to create artistic effects.
They tell us:

... is the latest program with unique tools for professional color grading of digital images and video and creating 3DLUT-files that can be imported into many programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, FinalCut Pro.

See the official website for this tool.

The next video is about: What is the LUT?
See also, the Oleg Sharonov youtube channel - the developer of 3D LUT.